During my “day job” as a stylist, I hear a lot of stories from a lot of people.   Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot about hardship and heartbreak and wanted to do something to change that.  When I told the folks at my salon about my idea for The Pet Project (Now People & Pets Together), they were supportive.  Really supportive.  In fact, their enthusiasm was so contagious that clients started volunteering their time, giving me email addresses and asking me how they could help.  Within a matter of weeks, the idea became so much bigger than myself that I couldn’t NOT do it.  That is, in part, how this began.

Another great source of inspiration has, of course, been my own pets.  Currently, I live with two dogs, Stella and Rosie.  Before they came into my life, I had the privilege of sharing my home with two cats, Sophie and Maggie.   My relationship with each of them has been unique, intimate and enriching.  They are my best friends and have been just as fundamental to my well being and growth as any family. I couldn’t imaging the pain of walking away from them and never seeing them again.

If you feel the same way, consider donating, volunteering, or spreading the word.