Thank you to the following friends, neighbors, supporters and business partners. Without you, what we do couldn’t be possible. We appreciate each and every one you!

First, we thank all of the loving pet owners who have touched our lives. The relationships you’ve created with your pets, and your determination to make it work keep us going. The first pair to do so were Greg and his dog Suzie, and though they are gone, they will never be forgotten.

Community and Promotional Support

Hallie Q. Brown Community Center

Sidewalk Dog

Kris and Mark Kuhn UpTempo Races

Amy Rosenthal and Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding

Neal Kielar, MidModMen

Tami Cabrera Muddy Paws Cheesecake

Aliveness Project
A partner food shelf and low-cost vaccination clinic location.

John Barobs, Hedberg Maps/Minnehaha Media

For caring for Minnesota’s pets, a special Thank you to: The Minnesota Veterinary Medicine Association

Professional Support
Jeffrey O’Brien, Lommen ABDO
Pam Ricker, Ricker and Associates

Graphic Identity
Brian Amelang

Web Site Design
Treden Wagoner

People & Pets Together is a Member of the Following Organizations

Formerly a member of PetPAC, which was an outstanding group of business owners that met to support and learn from each other.  2009-2014.