About People & Pets Together


People & Pets Together was started in 2009 and was originally known as The Pet Project. Inspired by the economic recession and the love we feel for our own pets, we felt that something should be done to help people keep their pets when crisis strikes. We were built by volunteers and, until recently, were 100% volunteer run. Since our inception, we have worked with Metro area food shelves to provide pet food to people in need. The scope of that need was beyond our imagining. Once we realized that our community really needed our help, we started expanding our programs beyond food support. We began hosting subsidized vaccination clinics with community partners such as The Aliveness Project and Hallie Q. Brown. Since vaccinations are just a piece of the wellness puzzle, we established a veterinary grant program in 2011. With our rapid expansion and success, we were able to fulfill our dream of opening our own headquarters in South Minneapolis.

In October of 2015, we opened the doors at 3755 Bloomington Ave. South. From this location, we serve as a resource center for pets in need. Our priority is to serve the greater Powderhorn and Phillips neighborhoods.

Our Mission
Our mission is to prevent the surrender of beloved pets by people who lack the economic resources to care for them.
We know pets are family.